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Friends of Arnie's Place 

One of the main reasons for this site is to increase the rather small web presence Arnie's Place has. This isn't entirely surprising since the arcade closed before the web really took off, but Arnie's is worth commemorating. Here are a few links to those few souls who have taken up the torch and have written about Arnie's Place.

  • The Ferrett's blog Watchtower of Destruction featured his memories of Arnie's Place on March 28, 2005, in a post titled Requiem For A Dream.
  • Most of the press about Arnie's battles with the Town of Westport are not available online or are behind a paywall.  One that is available, is the article the New York Times ran about Arnie's closing in 1994. Scrappy Arcade Owner Gives Up the Fight.  It has a good summary of the history of Arnie's Place.
  • Links to press articles about Arnie's many battles with the town of Westport and the State of Connecticut will be coming soon.

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