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It Wouldn't be Arnie's Place Without the Best Games Around 

As anyone who ever set foot in Arnie's Place knew, Arnie's had one of the largest selections of games around.  Compared to other local arcades that might have 15-20 games, Arnie's opened with 50 games.  After his long running dispute with the Town of Westport Zoning Board was resolved, he expanded to about 80 games.  In the early years (up to about 1986 or so) Arnie's had one of the widest selections of games and was about the only place in Connecticut you could expect to find unusal titles like Krull or Journey.  Arnie's Place also had plenty of room for sit down or cockpit games like Turbo. Over the years games would come and go, especially in the late 80's and early 90's as more 'fighter' games came in.  

We are trying to compile a list of all the games that ever appeared in Arnie's.  We've divided the game list in two sections.  Any game that we have a picture of in Arnie's or is remembered by two or more people is a 'verified game'  Everything else needs to verified by a second person. This is very much still a work in progress, so please share your memories of what games Arnie's had and where you remember them. Please post them in the Memories page or email me with anything you remember.  

I especially need help with the cockpit games on the right hand side (by the bathrooms) and the layout of the front area before you got to the rows of video games.  If you remember any of the sit down 'cocktail' games or pinball machines, please let me know.

The Games 

Verified Games (Verified by more than one person or a photo)
APB Bagman Bank Panic Battlezone BurgerTime
CentipedeCrystal Castles Dig DugDiscs of Tron Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Jr. Dragon's Lair Fathom (Pinball)



Gauntlet Gorf

Grand Slam


Hang On

Indiana Jones and
the Temple of Doom
Journey Joust Jungle KingKick
Krull M.A.C.H. 3Marble Madness Mario Bros. Millipede
Mr. Do! Ms. Pac Man Naughty Boy Omega Race Pac-Man
Paperboy Popeye Reactor Return of the Jedi Revolution X
Robotron:2084 Root Beer Tapper Sinistar Spy Hunter Star Trek
Street Fighter II Tempest Time Pilot Track & Field Tron
Turbo Wizard of Wor Zaxxon Zoo Keeper
Need to Verify
720Altered Beast Baby Pac-Man Birdie King Black Knight 2000
Bump 'n Jump Buck Rogers
Planet of Zoom
Domino Man Dr. Mario Final Fight
Firefox Food Fight Gaplus Hard Drivin' Ironman Ivan Stewart's
 Super Off Road
Karate Champ Kung-Fu Master Lode Runner Make Trax Mortal Kombat
Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man NARC Operation Wolf Out Run Phoenix
Pit-Fighter Playchoice 10 Punch-Out!! Rally-X RoadBlasters
Space Ace Space Duel Space Harrier Space Shuttle
Super Punch-Out!!
Tag Team Wrestling Three Stooges Tiger Road Time Traveller Tokio
Two Tigers Vs. Baseball Vs. Excitebike Vs. Hogan's Alley Vs. Super Mario Bros.
Vs. Tennis Wacko

Arnie's Place Layout 

There were pool tables, foosball and air hocket tables in the front, which was really just an obstacle course for us kids to navigate through to get to the real heart of Arnie's - the best video games around. Each game safely ensconced in its own wood and copper cabinet, they were seven rows of teenaged nirvana. We'll be reconstructing the layout of Arnie's here as best we can. 

In the picture below, Post Road would be running along left hand side from the top to bottom.  The games in the left most row faced the windows that always made playing them a pain in the neck when it was sunny outside.

To the right of the sixth row of games was the bathrooms along with a large open area that hard more games.  I especially need help with this area.  I know games like Spy Hunter and Discs of Tron were there, but how about the others?



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