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Arnie's Place Reborn! 

A (very) long term project of mine is to create a 3D model of Arnie's Place, complete with playable games! Thankfully most of the hard work has been by the 3D Arcade front end folks, so all I have to do is create the model of Arnie's. Of course, that's not the easiest thing to do since all I have to go off of are the handful of pictures on this site and my 20+ year old memories. So, needless to say, progress on the 3D model of Arnie's will be slow.

But you can help!
Please contact me with any memories you have of Arnie's, especially games and where they were located. For now, here are a few preview pictures of what the main game area will look like.

Questions? Comments? Email me.

To Do List 

  • Finish pinball machine cabinet (see preview #3)
  • Find better copper texture for game shrouds and ceiling
  • Model Nintendo 'red tent' machines (If anybody has dimensions for the red tent machines, please email me.)
  • Work on front area pool tables, foosball, front counter
  • Convert model to 3D Studio Max for W3D export (If anyone knows an easier way, please let me know.)
  • Import into 3D Arcade
  • Have some serious fun walking through Arnie's Place again!



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3/13/09 - New Pictures!

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