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Welcome to Arnie's Place! 

This page is a placeholder for what will eventually be my tribute site to Arnie's Place, the premier arcade of Fairfield County, Connecticut.  Located at 1385 East Post Road in Westport, Arnie's Place opened in 1983 after a long controversy with the town of Westport.

Help Me Build this site! 

I've got big plans for this site, but I need your help.  Please email me (admin at arniesplacearcade.com) with anything you remember about Arnie's.  I'd love stories to post in the Stories & Memories section (they can be annoymous if you'd like) and I'd really like your memories of what games Arnie's had and where they were located. 


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Big Fan! 

I lived there on the weekends back in the 80's.  I was one of the long hair, leather jacket crowd.  I remember so many things happening at that place, from me accidentally breaking the neon Arnie's Place light (foosball shot out of the table and up in the air.  They were not happy!), to one night Arnie just snapped and everyone with a leather jacket was permanently banned and thrown out!  He had the bat in his hand and everything!  Good times...

As far as the layout goes, I remember the bathrooms were along the back right wall, and before you got there, you passed (on the right) the Tron and Disc Tron games.  Also, the Dragon's Lair game was in that last aisle on the right, where you have the Journey game.

That's all I got for now.  I'd love to see more pics up here!!


Good Times!  Good Times

Man, I loved that place.  I had two of my childhood birthday parties there!

The pictures from that article bring back great memories.  It's funny because as a kid you think that everyone had a place like Arnie's near them.

We were really lucky to have that as kids!

Jim K.

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