Welcome to Arnie's Place!

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Welcome to Arnie's Place! 

Welcome to my tribute site to Arnie's Place, the premier arcade of Fairfield County, Connecticut.  Located at 1385 East Post Road in Westport, Arnie's Place opened in 1983 after a long controversy with the town of Westport.

This site is still a work in progress.  It has about the only pictures of Arnie's Place you'll find on the Internet (If you know of others, please let me know.)

I am working on the long history of Arnie's Place, focusing on the controversy surrounding it's opening, expansion and pretty much every time Arnie Kaye had to do anything with the Zoning Commission.  The history section is still very short, but if you don't know any of the history, it at least gives you an idea of what it took to get Arnie's Place built.

Eventually, this site will host a 3D model of Arnie's Place that you can download and relive your days at Arnie's Place on your computer.  It's still a way's off, but you can check the progress of it at the Arnie's Lives! page .

NY, NJ, CT Tri-State Video Game Olympics Winner Remembers Arnie's Place 

In the link below, Emily Jillette relives her love of classic video games, especially Robotron and Centipede on the Ugly Couch Show.  She also shares the story of how she won the NY, NJ, CT Tri-State Video Game Olympics that was held at Arnie's Place in the summer of 1983.

"Hi.... I'm from Westport and a big Arnie's Place fan. If you remember they had the "Tri-State Olympics" - I was the winner! We had to play 5 games... Robotron, Donkey Kong, Turbo, Centipede and Pac Man (pretty sure those were them). I won a little Honda motorcyle and I still brag about it today!!!"

"So, anyway, I think it was the summer of 1983. I definitely like Robotron the best, with Centipede coming in at a close second. Each of the five games earned a certain number of points - corresponding to Gold Silver and Bronze. The person with the most number of cumulative points was declared the winner (me). But here's the BIG secret, and flaw in their method. They divided it into girls and boys....and I really didn't have much real competition in the girls' category, so I accumulated many points because I wasn't REALLY competing against the boys." 


(Don't worry, we hooked Emily up with an Arnie's Place token after the episode aired.)

Join the Arnie's Place Group on Facebook 

No, we aren't trying to collect info on you or your friends.  Just an easier way for you to post your pictures and memories of Arnie's Place, and of course let everybody know that you're still a fan! 

Help Me Build this Site! 

Things you can help with:

  1. Pictures!   Any pictures you have of Arnie's, or anything from Arnie's please scan them in and send me a copy. 
  2. If you have good memories about how Arnie's was laid out, sketch it out or send me an email with what you remember.  I especially need help with the area in front of the rows of games (where the pool tables and air hockey tables were) and the area to the right of the rows of games where the larger sit down games were located.
  3. Pinballs.  I was more into the video games at the time, so I don't remember the pinballs as well.  Anybody drop some tokens there?
  4. More info about Georgie Porgie's, the ice cream parlor that was part of Arnie's.  Same thing with the Clip Joint
  5. Stories.  Tell me what you makes you remember Arnie's.

I've got big plans for this site, but I need your help.  Please email me with anything you remember about Arnie's.  I'd love stories to post in the Stories & Memories section (they can be annoymous if you'd like) and I'd really like your memories of what games Arnie's had and where they were located. 
















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11/29/10 - Lots of traffic lately, so I posted some long overdue updates on the home page and updated the Game List.

12/24/09 - New Pictures!

8/16/09 - Updates to the Game List and History pages.

3/27/09 - Electronic Games Magazine article about Arnie's is posted.

3/13/09 - New Pictures!

3/12/09 - First Link and start of game list posted

3/9/09 - Preview Pictures of 3D Model Posted 

3/9/09 - Site Launched